The Organized Life

February 24, 2002

Welcome to Wyndspirit Dreams! I got a new desk last week. So, Mom and I put this pretty new desk together, and what is my first thought when I sit down at it? Now I am going to get organized! I'll get everything put away, handy. I'll get stuff done! Now, when have I had that thought before? Let's see… When I got each of my two previous desks… And when I got my file cabinet… And each time I moved… When I got a beautiful, huge, antique office organizer that the library no longer wanted… When I got my first DayRunner organizer… When I got my fancy leather DayTimer… When I got my paper shredder…

It's not that I'm organizationally challenged. I love to organize! The books on my bookcases are alphabetized by author, and the books that don't fit on the bookcases are boxed by subject and author. Everything I write gets carefully filed. I use the desk, the file cabinet, the DayTimer. My problem is that I'm a saver with no space, and no time to make use of all the stuff I save, but with big dreams for "someday."

Yeah, someday I'll get a job that allows me to have a life. Someday I'll have time to read all the books I've acquired. Someday I'll have time to make afghans out of all the yarn I've accumulated. Someday I'll have time to make Barbie furniture out of the Styrofoam and boxes I've been saving. Someday I'll have time to make a scrapbook of all the writings I've saved on my computer. Someday I'll have time to check out all the bookmarks I've saved to look at later. Someday my prince will come, and he will make three times as much money as I do, so I can stay home and do all the stuff I want to do. Yeah, that would even be worth learning how to cook! Hmm… Maybe I'd better start collecting recipes…

Wyndspirit Dreams