Happy Easter!

March 31, 2002

Welcome to Wyndspirit Dreams! We celebrated Easter early this year, because most of us had to work on the actual holiday. I want to say that Easter is a special holiday for us, but, really, any time we can all get together is special. It's just that, usually winter has come between Easter and our previous get-together, on either Christmas or New Year's, and we haven't seen each other at all between the two holidays. It's a more casual holiday--usually the in-laws don't bother to come, so it's just Mom and Dad and the kids and grandkids. We don't always celebrate on Easter--very often it goes a week either way. Last year we got together the Sunday after Easter. This year it was the Sunday before.

I would say this Easter was typical, as typical as it gets when we have all four sisters and all six nieces and nephews together. This year we added one borrowed kid and one rat. (The tailed kind, not a reflection on any member of the family!)

The adults looked at each othersí pictures, dug into homemade candy, visited, and gossiped about the absent in-laws/boyfriends. We had a fancy dinner of meatloaf and mashed potatoes. The kids, including the borrowed one, hunted for Easter baskets made of margarine tubs, hiding them again for each other after they found them the first time around. Then they colored eggs and took turns hiding and hunting them while Grandpa analyzed how long it would be before we smelled any they missed. No eggs ended up in Grandpaís slipper this year, but you can be sure that the subject was brought up!

Things quieted down when one sister, half the nieces and nephews plus the borrowed kid, and the rat all left. We remaining sisters found some eggs that Mom hadnít set out earlier, and had our turn at coloring eggs while we visited some more. Then the sister who had left called to say her car had had a major blowout. I left the egg-coloring party and dashed into town to rescue them. Sister, kids, and rat crammed into my car and came back to the farm for another night. By the time we got back, the other "local" sister and the rest of the nieces and nephews had left, so things were relatively quiet. The kids were excited about their misadventure, but it didnít take long for exhaustion to overcome excitement, and things were quiet again.

And so ended another Easter get-together, leaving us all with memories of love and laughter to last us until we can get together again. I hope it won't be long! HmmÖ I wonder what the girls are doing for Memorial Day???

Wyndspirit Dreams