Walking from Crack to Crack

May 19, 2002

Welcome to Wyndspirit Dreams! My car spent a few days in the shop last week, leaving me to walk four miles to work or call in. I am too stubborn (and broke!) to miss work, so I walked.

I didn’t enjoy the first walk very much. I wasn’t sure exactly how long it would take me, and I was afraid I’d walk four miles to work only to get written up for logging in late. The evening was gorgeous and the birds were singing their hearts out, but all I could focus on was walking as fast as I could to get to work on time. I had been dreading walking the second evening, because I was aching and sore and frustrated at still not having my car. As it turned out, despite the aches and a raw wind, it was completely different. I was having so much fun that I actually turned down two rides.

What was the difference? I knew the second walk was going to be difficult, so I concentrated on focusing on one small goal at a time. At first I walked from side street to side street, but they were too far apart and made the “goals” too far away to inspire me. Then I walked from highline pole to highline pole. That was a little better, but still a bit of a stretch. Then I started walking from crack to crack. The cracks in the highway were a lot closer than the highline poles. Time flew by and my pace remained brisk as I walked along, heading for the next crack, frequently able to see a couple “goals” ahead. I made the trip to work faster than I had the day before, despite the aches.
When I had one ultimate goal, and every step was focused on that goal, the walk seemed endless. I did eventually reach my goal, but it wasn’t much fun. When my goals were relatively close, I could see each goal coming up and reach it with a minimum of effort. It was a game, but it brought me to my ultimate goal faster and with less stress than when I shot directly for my ultimate goal. And—equally important—I had fun along the way!
I started thinking about all my dreams, wondering how many of them I could break down into smaller goals. Maybe even some of my short-range goals are far enough away that they are too intimidating to work towards. I wonder… If I could consistently just walk from crack to crack… Maybe I could eventually reach my goals. Maybe I could even reach them faster than I thought. And, even if I didn’t… I could have more fun along the way!
Wyndspirit Dreams