"Star light, star bright,
First star I see tonight,
I wish I may, I wish I might
Have the wish I wish tonight."

October 6, 2002

Welcome to Wyndspirit Dreams! Do you ever wish upon a star? I have a confession to makeóI still do. Itís an almost irresistible compulsion to wish upon the first star I see at night, and, now that I drive to work in the dark every night, I have lots of opportunities for wishing.

Of course, wishing on a star doesnít work, does it? Itís just an old nursery rhyme, after all. You know, Iím not so sure about that. I still remember the first thing I ever wished on a star for. It was a Living Skipper, and, at $5, was the most expensive Barbie doll around. Not exactly within Mom and Dadís meager budget for a Christmas gift, so I had little hope of getting it, and I was practical enough to realize that wishing on a star wasnít really going to do anything. But I kept on wishing, night after night. And I saved my dime a week allowance for a year. And, you know what? I got my Skipper!

OK, I got the Skipper because I saved my money and bought it myself, but Iím sure the constant wishing helped me keep sight of my goal. After all, I was only a child, with no understanding of stuff like "goals" and "budgeting." But the point is, I got my wish.

These days I donít bother to wish for the smaller material things. If I want it bad enough, I know how to save up for it. I wish for the big things, the hard things, like the means to put new siding and windows on my trailer, or a job I could love. I donít expect bundles of money to fall from the sky or anything, but it keeps me reminded of the things Iím working for. And sometimes I simply wish that I will have a good shift at work that night. And you know what? I usually do!

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Wyndspirit Dreams