Giving Gifts of Love

October 27, 2002

Welcome to Wyndspirit Dreams! This weekend I finished an afghan, a gift, and worked on a small but detailed counted cross-stitch picture, also a gift. I have been asked how I can stand to give something away when I have put so much time and effort into creating it. The answer is simple—I made it for them. It would not occur to me to keep it any more than if it were a book or an item of clothing I had borrowed from them.

But why do I make gifts for other people in the first place? Because they are special to me, and I want to give them something special, even if they probably will never realize just what I am giving them. I am giving them my thoughts. I am thinking of them as I search for just the right pattern and colors that they will love, and I am thinking of them as I knit or crochet or cross each stitch throughout the project. I am giving them my time, as I spend days or weeks or months working on their gift. And I am giving them my love. I am not good at saying things—I show my love with gifts. When they look at my gift or put it to use, I hope they will think of me and know that somebody loves them, and I hope it brightens their day a little bit. 

When I was growing up, we always made each other gifts. Even when we had a little money to spend on each other for Christmas, we kids decided to draw names and each spend all our gift money on one person, but still make gifts for everybody, so nobody got short-changed on the presents. The gifts varied greatly, due to our different skill levels and interests, but nobody scorned the simplest or most poorly made gifts from the younger kids or compared them to the more elaborate gifts from the older ones. We knew that each of us did what we could, and it was all done out of love. Maybe a gift wasn’t exactly to my taste, but I knew the giver was thinking of me and trying to give me something they thought I would really like. 

If I had my way, I would make gifts for all of the special people in my life for every birthday or Christmas, but, unfortunately, the real world intrudes. I have to content myself with a mental list of special things I want to make for certain people, and just make them as I have time. I usually have two or three gifts in the works at any given time, and I work on them as best I can in between all the other demands of my life. I don’t have hours to sit and do crafts, and some projects have taken years to complete, sometimes more years than I care to admit. Other projects have remained only an idea for years, as I search for just the right design. Some have even been completed, only to have me decide that wasn’t the right design for that person after all, and the search starts all over. But then I find the right design, and I start all over again. 

Granted, crafting is in my blood. I would not spend so much time making gifts if it wasn’t fun. And if I kept everything I made… Well, let’s just say, my place is too crowded as it is. Besides, then I would only make stuff that I would want to have around forever, and there are lots of projects that are fun to do but that I wouldn’t want for myself. Also, by the time I finish a major project, whether it’s an afghan or a counted cross-stitch picture, I am usually so sick of looking at it that I want to give it away! It’s the creating that I enjoy. But, when it comes down to it, I give it away because I’m making it for somebody else…as a gift of love.

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Wyndspirit Dreams