Christmas Cards

December 15, 2002

Welcome to Wyndspirit Dreams! I love Christmas cards. I love sending them and I love receiving them. How else would I keep in touch with friends and family I donít see for years on end?

Granted, itís a headache. I always plan to start right after Thanksgiving, but before I know it, itís the middle of December and Iím frantically addressing cards one after another till my fingers cramp, and sitting at my computer, on edge, willing my printer to print my Christmas letters faster. This year Iím on a roll. I believe everybody will actually get their cards before Christmas. I donít think that has ever happened before.

But itís all worth it! Despite the last-minute panic, I enjoy it all. Thereís taking stock of the past year for my Christmas letter, and usually comparing it to the previous year. Thereís choosing the ďrightĒ (or closest to ďrightĒ out of the assortment I happen to have) card for each person. Cute? Humorous? Religious? Traditional? And then, of course, there is getting the cards. Such a variety of cards! Angels and holly and snowmen and Santa and wonderful handcrafted creations, covering my boring white kitchen door in a patchwork quilt of Christmas color. And the very welcome personal notes or Christmas letters that accompany them. I love the updates from the family and friends I seldom get to see. From plain and simple to elaborate newsletters, they all keep me in touch with the distant but important people in my life.

Keeping in touch with loved ones is a good part of what makes the holiday season special. Itís the time of year to share Christmas joy with family and friends. And when we canít do it in personówe have Christmas cards!

Let me know what you think!
Wyndspirit Dreams