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Two Years and One Hundred Essays

January 7, 2004

Did you know that one hundred short essays fit perfectly in a one-inch ring binder? Yes. Two years of Wyndspirit Dreams essays in one 69-cent binder. When I write my essays I save plain copies to print for Mom, but I was way behind on printing them for myself, so that was yesterdayís project. And today I have been re-reading them all, yes, all one hundred essays.

For me, the most telling thing was, as 2003 ended, I did not even think about stopping the essays this time. It helps that now I know people are actually reading them. I put a counter on the page so I know how many people are reading them. The number isnít impressive, but itís steady, considering the site is only updated once a week. And itís become kind of a habit by now.

There have been good days and bad days and days Iíve seriously wished Iíd never started this project. And, yet, itís been worth it, even just for me. Each essay brings back memories of the way things were going, the situation I was in when I wrote it. For you, they are one hundred essays. For me, they are almost a diary of sorts. Iím still not sure what the essays are intended to accomplish, other than to keep me writing. They seem to run the gamut from my work experiences to observations on life. I guess if people find them amusing or interesting, they have accomplished enough.

The things Iíve completely forgotten over two years! I thought I had changed my essays a lot in recent months, as I worked through the upheavals at work. Yet, when I look at the very first Wyndspirit Dreams essay, what am I talking about? The upheavals at work! The changes actually started two years ago, but they turned out to be all for the better. (I believe I credited that in an essay as well.)

And to show how far things have comeÖ The reason I happened to be updating my binder full of essays at this particular time is I was looking for samples for a writing portfolio for a job opening as an editor/writer. How wonderful would that be, if essays I wrote just to prove I had the discipline to do it, had a part in landing me my dream writing job???