ďBloom where you are planted.Ē

August 25, 2002

Welcome to Wyndspirit Dreams! This year, a couple of my moss roses decided to volunteer outside their assigned gardens. I noticed the first one while it was pretty small, and transplanted it to a flower garden that had some bare patches. I didnít notice the other one till it was already blooming. Thatís right, blooming. Right out in my yard, after being mowed down who knows how many times. It looks a little the worse for wear from being mowed down, but I donít have the heart to move it. I figure that since it has survived this long, it has earned its place. And so it continues to bloom, and I mow around itÖwhen I remember. The other one survived being transplantedómoss roses normally transplant wellóbut it has never bloomed. It is alive and green and all, but just doesnít grow.

It makes me think of the old adage, ďBloom where you are planted.Ē We canít always choose where we end up in life, but we can choose how we handle it. My moss rose seed didnít choose to be blown outside the shelter of its assigned garden, but it is doing its best to bloom. It gets mowed down just about every time I mow, but in a day or so it blooms again. I know people whom life seems to have blown into unfairly difficult paths, yet they somehow manage to thrive. They donít waste time feeling sorry for themselves. Instead, when they get mowed down, they concentrate on picking themselves up and blooming again. They are surprised to learn they are an inspiration to the rest of us. They are just living their lives the best way they know how.

I have thought many times that I could not do what these people do, could not live the way they live. Yet, just by living their lives, they show me it can be done, and give me strength when the hard times come in my direction. And I canít help but think that maybe these people would feel stifled stuck in the middle of a bunch of other flowers just like themselves. They arenít meant to be uprooted, to be transplanted somewhere else. Instead, they are meant to pop their heads up and bloom defiantly every time they get mowed down. They are blooming where they are planted, an unexpected splash of brightness, to be an inspiration, to make us smile, and to make the world just a little bit better for the rest of us.

Wyndspirit Dreams